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Salt Lake Community College

Graduate On Time

As a Salt Lake Community College student, you have a clear pathway to earning the Westminster College degree you deserve. Complete your Associate's at SLCC, become a Westminster Griffin, and affordably earn your Bachelor's degree all in 4 years.

Westminster Transfer Student in the Classroom

Clear Pathways

Navigating academic catalogs, advisor meetings, and financial aid offices can be overwhelming. Top that off with making sure your credits transfer as expected, and you have a full plate.

We've created simple pathways to help you plan your 4 years at SLCC and Westminster. Choose a path below for Business or Computer Science and take the first step to making your Westminster experience a reality.

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Tuition and Aid

Westminster 2017–2018 Tuition


Average Financial Aid Awarded to Westminster Students*


Average Actual Tuition Paid by Westminster Students*


* Includes grants, loans, and scholarships. See above for separate BBA tuition.

Additional scholarship opportunities are available to transfer students from Salt Lake Community College.

Income-Based Award

Westminster is committed to making its high-quality education accessible to Utah students. Our financial aid model includes income-based funding for Utah families with an adjusted gross income less than $100,000. Transfer students must also have at least a 3.0 GPA. Qualifying Utah students will receive this additional income-based award to help cover the tuition costs of a Westminster education, giving you the opportunity to explore your passions in a close-knit educational environment.

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