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Campus Dining

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To keep dining on campus open and safe for guests and staff:

  • In Shaw, do not seat more than 4 persons per table, seated at the 6-foot distancing requirements.
  • In Shaw, do not move tables and chairs from the positions they have been placed in.
  • Follow the college's face covering requirements. Masks are required to visit any dining location on campus (and must be on before entering).
  • Follow social distancing recommendations when in any dining location. Floor decals and other communications are in place to help guide you and others.
  • To limit contact between you and cashiers, cashless payment is encouraged.
  • Clear your used containers, flatware, and cups from the tables and place them in the receptacles provided.

Safety protocols in place for campus dining staff and operations include:

  • Enforced hand washing and station disinfecting protocols every 30 minutes
  • All self-service stations have been eliminated
  • More sneeze guards have been added
  • Staff temperatures are taken at the beginning of each shift
  • All employees wear face coverings
  • Campus Dining is not currently using eco containers for takeout food or in-dining reusable dishes/silverware. Instead, disposable containers, bowls, cups, and individually wrapped utensils are in use.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout dining locations
  • Condiments are offered individually

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Item Availability

To support social distancing policies, all menu items in Shaw will be provided for takeout. During this time, item availability will vary with the time of day.


7:30 a.m.–8 a.m.: Grab and go and heat and serve breakfast items

8 a.m.–10:30 a.m.: Hot breakfast off the grill, grab and go, and heat and serve

10:45 a.m.–2:30 p.m.: Grill service, lunch entree, pizza, grab and go, and heat and serve

2:30 p.m.–4 p.m.: Grill service, pizza, grab and go, and heat and serve

4 p.m.–7 p.m.: Grill service, dinner entrée, pizza, grab and go service, and heat and serve


11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.: Brunch, lunch, dinner, pizza, grab and go, and heat and serve

Monday–Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Griff’s Roost will be offering a full menu of specialty drinks as well as a variety of pastries, grab and go items, and snacks. Griff’s Roost will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Changes to Services

Catering is not being offered until further notice.

Due to health concerns, Campus Dining is no longer able to use eco containers for takeout food or in-dining reusable dishes/silverware. If you have a dirty container to bring back, do so and take a clean one to use when Campus Dining can go back to using washable service wares.

Food Delivery for Quarantined Residential Students

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19/the student health center has requested you to be in isolation, meal replacements may be ordered for delivery to your residence hall. Orders must be placed online by 1 p.m. the day before delivery from Residence Life. Insufficient meals or student dollars may cause problems with getting meals. Confirm that you have sufficient meals/funds before submitting your order. You can place your order up to 7 days in advance for 3 meals a day.


Westminster works with Bon Appétit to bring reliable dining service to campus. Bon Appétit provides new flavorful and nutritious food, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Westminster’s onsite executive chef prepares all recipes in the Shaw Dining Hall.

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Meal Plans

  • Students living in Hogle, Carleson, Olwell, Behnken and Stock Halls are required to be on either the Purple or Gold Meal Plans for the entire academic year (unless an exemption is granted for extreme medical or religious dietary restrictions).
  • Students living in Westminster on the Draw or a college-owned house (Arbogast, Palmer, Reherd, Shaw, or Coyner) are not required to have a meal plan but can voluntarily sign up for the Purple, Gold, or Birch Meal Plans.
  • Commuter students can voluntarily sign up for the Birch Meal Plan or a commuter flex plan.

Meals are served in the Shaw Student Center and are priced à la carte. Daily menus and pricing can be found on the Bon Appétit website. The Gold Meal Plan averages about 2 meals per day.

The leftover balance on meal plans carries over from fall to spring semester and from spring semester through the end of May Term (first 4 weeks of summer term) (if enrolled). Meal plans will not carry over to the next academic year.

Employee and Commuter Student Flex Plans

Employees and commuter students can take advantage of the commuter flex plans to load money on their college ID card to buy meals, snacks, or drinks on campus. As a bonus, with the purchase of a commuter flex plan, Bon Appétit will contribute an additional 5–10% of what you added to your balance, increasing your available funds. You can load money to your card with a cashier in Shaw Student Center or Griff’s Roost Café, or by visiting the Bon Appétit Office in the Shaw Center. Faculty and staff can sign up for payroll deduction through Human Resources. Commuter students cannot pay for commuter flex plans with financial aid; costs are paid directly to Bon Appetit via cash, check, or credit card. Plan options include:

  • Sky: Adding up to $199 (5% Bon Appétit bonus)
  • Snow: Adding $200 or more (10% Bon Appétit bonus)

Commuter flex plans carryover until used up or you leave the college. There are no refunds at anytime.

Make Life Easier: No worrying about grocery shopping or meal planning, no dishes, and no unexpected financial surprises.

It’s Convenient: Campus Dining offers lots of freshly made grab-and-go items and offers contactless payment, so you don’t even have to carry cash.

From Scratch = Flexible: Your meals are cooked from scratch. This means Campus Dining can be flexible with recipes to create delicious food that suits every dietary need and taste.

It’s Healthier: Westminster’s chefs make crave-worthy dishes built on whole grains, deep-color vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean or plant-based proteins. They also follow portion control guidelines.

Satisfying Options: There is always something new to try, and Campus Dining loves to hear suggestions from students. Chefs don’t use cycle menus or corporate recipes, so they can add in new items with only a few days’ notice.

Seriously Sustainable: Campus Dining is dedicated to upholding commitments to environmentally and socially responsible sourcing.

Knowledge is Power: Campus Dining is committed to helping you learn to make healthy choices in and outside of campus dining locations through nutrition and wellness information and education about how food choices impact the environment, and more.

Social: Mealtimes are the perfect time to catch up with friends and make new ones.

Dining Locations

students dining in shaw hall

Shaw Dining Hall

Located in the Shaw Student Center, Shaw Dining Hall is the perfect place to meet friends for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tables and access to printers and scanners make Shaw a great location for your study group or group project to meet, work, and grab a meal. Specials change every day and are made from scratch. You can also grab a made-to-order hamburgers and sandwiches and create nourishing salads at the salad bar. Stop by to see what is available

barista at Griff's Roast

Griff's Roost Cafe

Located in the Bassis Center, Griff's Roost Cafe crafts made-to-order coffee and tea beverages in-house and has various pastries and snacks available for purchase. Bassis' quiet atmosphere and comfortable seating make it an ideal place to study or meet with friends.

Ethically and Sustainably Produced Food

Local Food

Locally Sourced

Bon Appétit supports local agriculture, providing you with high-quality, sustainably produced, and nutritious food items. All small, owner-operated farms and ranches are within a 150-mile radius of campus. Bon Appétit also serves more than 50 species of locally sourced seafood.

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Raised Without Antibiotics

Bon Appétit is committed to reducing, and advocating for reducing, antibiotic abuse in farm animals. All of the chicken, turkey, ground beef, and pork used by Bon Appétit is raised without the use of antibiotics. All milk and yogurt are sourced from cows not given bovine growth hormones.

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Humanely Sourced

Bon Appétit believes it is important to reduce animal suffering, choosing to source humanely raised ground beef, certified cage-free eggs, and pork that comes from sows living in group housing.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

Through a dedication to tackling climate change, Bon Appétit reduces its carbon footprint by prioritizing plant-based proteins, preventing and reducing food waste, trimming transportation, and decreasing deforestation.

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Reduced Waste

Bon Appétit prioritizes and provides reusable and sustainable, straws, stirrers, and in-dining dishes and silverware. You can also pick up a reusable eco container to take your food to go.


You can visit the Bon Appétit website to leave a comment, place an order for events, get catering info, or talk to a dietician.

General Manager

Tony DiRaddo
Phone: 801.832.2708

Catering Manager

Elizabeth Murchison
Phone: 801.832.2707

Executive Chef

Joseph Davis
Phone: 801.832.2710