Residential Student Move-In Information

First-Year and Transfer Student Move-In Day

Check-in will be held on Friday, Aug. 14, 2020, with staggered arrival times to minimize potential health risks—you must arrive during your assigned time. Please note that we cannot accommodate early move-ins unless you are in one of the early arrival groups.

Your student ID (which is necessary to access your residence hall after Move-In Day) will be provided to you during the check-in process.

To minimize potential exposure to COVID-19, residents will be limited to two move-in helpers. Please be sure to wear face coverings and practice proper social distancing. Move-in helpers will need to be out of the building by the end of the student’s assigned move-in time. Campus volunteers will be available to help you park, check in, and sanitize move-in carts.

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please DO NOT come to your scheduled move-in time. Contact the Office of Residence Life ( and we will make move-in arrangements with you for a later time.

Students will receive full details of the move-in process and procedures via their Westminster email on Friday, July 17.

To help you get to know your fellow floormates, mandatory floor meetings will be held on Move-In Day. Details of your meeting will be posted on your floor when you arrive. Meetings will happen at either 7:00 p.m. or 8:15 p.m. and will be completed by 9:30 p.m.

Returning Resident Arrival Day

Check-in for returning residents will be held on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020—you will be assigned a specific arrival time prior to Move-In Day. Please note that you will be limited to two move-in helpers. More details regarding your arrival will be sent to your Westminster email on Friday, July 17.

Your floor will have a mandatory floor meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. Details of your meeting will be posted on your floor when you arrive.

Shipping Items to Campus

Because of limited storage space on campus, DO NOT ship items ahead of your arrival. If driving all your items at once on move-in day is challenging, you can have items shipped to campus after move-in. If you need to ship items after move-in, make sure to bring everything you need for the first couple weeks of living in the residence halls with you on move-in day.

Residential Information

In an effort to ensure a safe environment for all students, there are a number of new safety guidelines for the residence halls.

  • Room Occupancy: All traditional style double-occupancy rooms have been converted to single-occupancy rooms.

  • Visitors: Only students who live in the building will be allowed in the residence halls.

  • Face Masks: From the point you leave your front door, masks must be worn in all common spaces, such as lounges and laundry rooms.

  • Social Distancing: Residents must practice social distancing when using common spaces.

  • Elevators: All elevators will be limited to one resident at a time.

  • Laundry: The laundry rooms have occupancy limits depending on the size of the room (typically 1–2 residents).

  • Illness: Residents are required to report, test, and self-quarantine if symptomatic. If you become ill, the college has set aside a number of spaces across campus for the purpose of self-isolation. In these cases, meal delivery will be provided.

  • Thanksgiving Break: After the Thanksgiving break, all courses will be completed remotely. Students living in the residence halls can remain on campus during that time if staying in Utah for Thanksgiving break. Those traveling during the break are encouraged to complete the semester off-campus.

  • Winter Break: Residence halls will close at noon on Dec. 5, the day after the last day of classes.

  • Cleaning: All residents should bring cleaning supplies for their individual room or apartment. Resident Advisors will have a set of cleaning supplies you can borrow if you run out of your own supplies. CDC guidance for cleaning will be provided to each resident. The college will also be following continued CDC guidance for cleaning all communal space within the halls.

Any student is allowed to have a car on campus. Should you decide to bring your car to campus, you must register it and pay for a parking permit that will allow you to park in one of the parking areas on campus. You can buy parking permits online with a credit card.

Student IDs are necessary for access to any residence hall after move-in day and for your meal plan. Your ID has a chip in it and acts like a debit card—you will need it each time you spend money in the cafeteria. You can pick up a student ID during scheduled hours in the Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center on or before move-in day.

All mail should be sent to:

Your Name
Your Room (e.g., 999 Carleson Hall)
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Housing Address Change Form

Campus Technology Support

Westminster supports both Windows and Mac computers. On campus, computers are equipped with Windows 10, the Microsoft Office Suite, multiple web browsers, and many more academic applications. The Information Services department staffs a support phone, 801.832.2023, 7 days a week that students may call for technical support. Information Services also maintains technology support resources including do-it-yourself instructions for common technical issues.

Student Laptop Requirements

All incoming students are required to have access to a laptop computer running, at a minimum, Windows 10 or Mac OSX 10.7.1+. At this time, tablet computers are not supported. With a laptop, students will be able to access Westminster Anywhere, a program allowing students to directly access files and academic programs, both in class and at home. Students can certify their laptops for use by visiting the General Computer Lab, located in the Giovale Library.

Computer Account Resources

Every student account includes an email address, 2GB of backed-up network storage space, Wi-Fi access, and access to academic software. Students also have access to Office 365, allowing them to use the Office Suite online or on their own computer. Residential students also have access to the RecNet network, which supports personal devices such as Xbox, Roku, AppleTV, and others. Informational sessions on computer accounts, Office 365, and how to set up RecNet are held during New Student Orientation. If you are unable to attend orientation, you may visit the General Computer lab for assistance.