Senior Artist: Cat Taylor

black and white mothMeet the Artist

My illustrations are like a conversation with a stranger about death. It’s alarming and weird, but you can’t help but be a little curious. My art leans into the discomfort and embraces the inevitable. 

We are all like a blank piece of copy paper — that’s an undisputed fact. The question I ask is how we choose to fill our compositions with the space we are given. When I draw my characters I explore methods of sharing their life with my audience. In some ways, my work is intimate and personal. This is a documentation of someone’s journey. It’s permanent, bold and forces my composition to never look back — only to stay in the present. My work ranges from traditional to digital art, celebrating mixed media of inks, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, and markers to tell stories through illustrations and comics. We cannot have a conversation about death without considering our journeys and our narratives. My illustrations serve as a way to tell stories handling the good and the ugly parts of the human condition. It allows us to look into my characters and interpret that in ourselves.

And just like an unexpected, uncomfortable conversation about death, I want my art to haunt people (either in a good way or a bad way, whatever they resonate with.) My work should linger in the back of people’s minds just like the permanence of the ink I use. It should make people curious and ask tons of questions; however, they cannot get an exact response from my work. One can only speculate and come up with the answers on their own.

Instagram: @spoopycereal

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black and green painted man speaking an explicit Cat Taylor Awestruck digital (2022)


Man eating green gooCat Taylor Chapter 1- The End digital (2022)


black and white ink drawing of a cowboyCat Taylor No Glory in the West ink (2020)


man giving the finger on both handsCat Taylor Professionalism digital (2022)


profile of man with words you will always be aloneCat Taylor Remember  ink (20202)


three men in theater chairsCat Taylor Silver Screen digital (2022)


woman with sunbeam behind her face and tears streaming downCat Taylor Tragedy ink (2020)


man standing with cat on human body Cat Taylor Watchful Eye digital (2021)


woman in work clothes and the words Zip It!Cat Taylor Zip It! digital (2021)