Senior Artist: Halle Simonsen

Meet the Artist

Halle Simonsen

My photographs invite you to realize that you are a part of something bigger than just yourself.

My mental health has been something that I have battled my entire life. I’ve always felt like I don’t quite fit in, like I don’t belong. When I was in high school, I decided to take a photography course, and something just clicked. I felt a sense of place, I felt a purpose. When I go out and shoot, I never quite know what I will get, yet I prefer to be surrounded by nature because I have always been conscious about the environment. I feel relaxed and content when I am outside, surrounded by trees and mountains, or sitting under a starry sky. Sometimes, the workings of my brain make me feel like I have no reason to live, but when I go out and shoot, surrounded by this beauty, I am reminded that life is beautiful and worth living. In my photos, I try to capture these moments, where I am immersed in my surroundings, enveloped by beauty.

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Halle Simonsen-Bison at Sunset-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Bison at Sunset pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Cotton Candy Skies-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Cotton Candy Skies pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Salty-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Salty pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Yellow Sunset-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Yellow Sunset pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Zion Series I-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Zion Series I pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Zion Series II-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Zion Series II pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Zion Series III-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Zion Series III pigment print (2021)

Halle Simonsen-Zion Series IIII-pigment print-2021Halle Simonsen Zion Series IIII pigment print (2021)


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