Senior Artist: Hannah Johnson

black and white ink drawing of a cat's face

Meet the Artist

My art is a form of escapism. I’ve found comfort through creating things my entire life, and the goal of my art is to transport viewers away from reality, even if it’s just for a short time. I utilize different mediums in my work such as gouache, markers, charcoal, and graphite, as well as digital illustration and photography. My subjects are grounded in reality and fiction. My cat, Mia, is my muse and you’ll see her in a lot of my photography. I tend to depict my favorite characters and scenery from various forms of media as a form of comfort. When creating art I put myself into each of my works through my thought process, the time spent physically working, as well as transporting myself into the work I’m creating whether as a viewer or part of the overall scene. I hope that you too can escape into my art and, maybe, find a part of yourself there.

Instagram: @he11evenart

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dorm room windowHannah Johnson A View From Isolation 1 pigment print (2022)


dorm room bedHannah Johnson A View From Isolation 2 pigment print (2022)


dorm room bed and desk Hannah Johnson A View From Isolation 3 pigment print (2022)


dorm room bed and doorHannah Johnson A View From Isolation 4 pigment print (2022)


sculpture of a pink and blue eyeHannah Johnson Deteriorating Eye cermaic (2021)


black and white hand with letters printed all over it Hannah Johnson Last Hope  charcoal on paper (2021)


black and white cat Hannah Johnson Reclining Feline pigment print (2021)


collage drawing of people and animals Hannah Johnson Things I Love mixed media (2021)


woman with long flowy hair and pearl necklaceHannah Johnson Venus in Charcoal charcoal (2022)


female in long orange gownHannah Johnson Venus in Gouache gouache on paper (2022)


black and white drawing of a woman's faceHannah Johnson Venus in Graphite graphite on paper (2022)


woman sitting down in blue gown with long brown hair and palm leaves in the backgroundHannah Johnson Venus in Marker marker, colored pencils on paper (2022)


woman in gown holding a large star over her head Hannah Johnson Venus in Pen pen on paper (2022)


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