Senior Artist: J Birdette

Meet the Artist 

Jerica Birdette

As the youngest of five, I have always been the Little Bird. Nicknames such as Mouse, Princess, and Jerbear have followed me as well. Serving as invitations for playfulness, these titles have had more of an impact on me than one would think. They’ve allowed me to retain a connection to an identity I fear many lose over time; that of our inner children.  

This part of myself, my inner child, is named J. As I’ve been inevitably compressed into adulthood, my relationship to J is one that I’ve come to value more and more. We talk, listen, and play together. It’s no secret that her favorite color is pink, she loves butterflies, and she’s still afraid of the dark. She is largely reflected in my work whether it’s through medium, technique, or concept. She’s primarily the identity I surrender to when it comes to creating, because my inner child is the part of me that holds the most compassion towards experimentation. She has no interest in critiquing her marks or comparing her work. She simply wants to play with art for the sake of the enjoyment of herself and others. In doing so, she serves as a reminder that there is Good and that it’s our job to create it. 

With a combination of whimsical, irreverent actions, and a tendency towards surreal imagination, J and I create worlds of wonder. We invite you to take a look, and hopefully connect to a forgotten inner child of your own. 

View the Collection

j birdette caterpillar garden oil and acrylic 2021J Birdette Caterpillar Garden  oil and acrylic (2021)

j birdette celestial I pigment print 2021J Birdette Celestial I pigment print (2021)

j birdette Celestial II pigment print 2021J Birdette Celestial II pigment print (2021)

j birdette Celestial III pigment print 2021J Birdette Celestial III pigment print (2021)

j birdette celestial IV pigment print 2021J Birdette Celestial IV pigment print (2021)

j birdette Playtime 1 mix media 2021J Birdette Playtime 1 mix media (2021)

j birdette Playtime 2 mix media 2021J Birdette Playtime 2 mix media (2021)

j birdette the ceremony mix media collage 2021J Birdette The Ceremony mix media collage (2021)

j birdette the passage mix media collage 2021J Birdette The Passage mix media collage (2021)