Senior Artist: Karelis Ruiz

black and white mermaid tail sticking up out of the waterMeet the Artist

I explore the boundaries of clay to create fantastical, mythical scenes that inspire wonder like that of a child learning something new. I enjoy the moments where my work takes on new directions I hadn’t previously explored. I create spaces where people can escape their stressful lives for just a moment as they look upon my work. I also enjoy playing between the borders of calmness and chaos, contrasting the beauty that can arise when showcasing these two themes in a harmonious way. My work never has a predetermined outcome or final image but rather shifts and transforms itself as I pursue and develop the piece. Just as the finished product does not yet exist until it is done, neither do the colors or palette. My work is like a story that only comes into existence as I write it. I immerse myself into this new world and imagine what this place would look like, and only then do I come back and wonder if the glazes I have can begin to match what I just saw. The gravity of clay is a particular characteristic I'm always thinking about and enjoy researching mediums that contrast this. I enjoy using smoke, incense, clouds, lights, bioluminescent mediums and other weightless imagery to compliment the clay to further create a sense of magic. I've recently begun to explore the implementation of different mediums into my work as well as experimenting with concepts in 2D media. 

Instagram: @karella257

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blue green ceramic droplets crawling up the wall Karelis Ruiz A Bubbly Curve ceramics (2022)


ceramic body of water with mermaids tail sticking outKarelis Ruiz A Siren's Retreat ceramics (2021)


colorful half circlesKarelis Ruiz A Triptych of My Universe 2D mixed media (2022)


ceramic pot hung on wall with green flowers Karelis Ruiz Fayetta's Garden clay, mixed media (2022)


clay branch with clay flowers dripping downKarelis Ruiz Wisteria Mysteria clay, mixed media (2022)