Senior Artist: Laton Hansen

black and white ink drawing of a dog's face

Meet the Artist

Art brings up many questions for me, why am I interested? Why do I continue making pieces? What about the pieces interests me? And while these questions seem to be infinite I never really land on a solid answer. The act of making and consuming art seems to be fluid in interest as I will like something one day, but not the next, or maybe I’ll gain an interest in something I never thought I would. My intrigue changes day to day just like what I make and this is what keeps art forever changing and evolving. Whether it's visual, literary, or any other form of art styles develop and change, and my art is no exception to that. In my body of work you will find lots of consistency in my use of characters, stretched out shapes, atmospheric spaces, or altered cityscapes, but with this consistency comes breaks and adventures as I embark on new artistic endeavors to satiate my ever changing intrigue.

 It seems every few months a layer of myself is shed and some of my previous art or interests have been left with that skeleton, but that past is never forgotten as my experience will always inform my interests. I’ve expressed this change with animals and characters that I’ve made as I find them more interesting to draw, and I think the connection people make with animals is unique and varied. Whether you like a certain animal or not, I hope you can find something interesting in my work to connect with and think about, or at least enjoy. 

Instagram: @laton.8

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black and white mirrored charcoal image of a dog's faceLaton Hansen Ace charcoal (2022)


ink drawing of a white dog against black and teal backgroundLaton Hansen All Liars ink (2022)


patchwork quilt Laton Hansen Comfort pastel (2021)


black and white ink drawing of a tiger laying down in flowersLaton Hansen Early Ending ink (2022)


collection of different shapesLaton Hansen Fall From Grace pastel (2022)


black and white drawing of a dog in a room Laton Hansen Feels Like Home charcoal (2021)


different red and green shapesLaton Hansen Home Refined Pastel (2022)


green dog sticking out of an ice cream cone with green ice cream cones in the backgroundLaton Hansen Just Dessert pigment print (2022)


two headed white dog Laton Hansen The Devout pastel (2022)


grey desert landscapeLaton Hansen What Comes to Light charcoal (2021)


colorful worms and centipedesLaton Hansen Writhe pastel (2021)


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