Senior Artist: Lucy Wilks

black and white drawing of a dog

Meet the Artist

My artwork is about identity. I use a multimedia drawing and painting approach that varies in color, composition, and materials, but emphasizes line and structure. This semester has been a time of experimentation and change in my work. I have spent a lot of time learning how to use color in new ways.

I spend a lot of time drawing animals, I use them to tell stories and to represent myself and other people. Using animals allows for a broader audience to connect with the subjects in my work since animals have no race, gender, or status apparent to the viewer. 

My identity as an autistic person plays a large role in my work. I don’t usually set out to make work about Autism, but since my neurotype is such an integral part of my identity it can’t really be separated from anything I do. My work breathes Autism, from my repetitive mark making, to my choices in subject matter, to my color palette. 

I’m fascinated by the incredibly different ways people relate to the world around them, and to art. I know how I connect to my work, and how integral my identity is to the pieces I’m making, but how does my fellow autistic autistic audience relate? My neurotypical audience? 

View the Collection

two bunnies hidden behind colorful linesLucy Wilks 2 Hares multimedia (2022)


3 colorful birds on branchesLucy Wilks 3 Birds multimedia (2022)


two beetlesLucy Wilks Beetles multimedia (2022)


lots of colorful linesLucy Wilks Brain multimedia (2022)


black and white pen drawing of a bulldog jumping into the airLucy Wilks Bulldawgs 1 pen (2022)


black and white pen drawing of a bulldog Lucy Wilks Bulldawgs 2 pen (2022)


black and white pen drawing of a bulldog jumping into the air Lucy Wilks Bulldawgs 3 pen (2022)


two black and white pen drawing of tall dinosaursLucy Wilks Dinos pen (2022)


two black and white pen drawing of ducksLucy Wilks Ducks pen (2022)


modern art with lots of colorful lines and small shapes Lucy Wilks JGFG multimedia (2022)


baby that looks like they are melting in a swirl of colorsLucy Wilks Melting Baby multimedia (2022)


modern art full of colorful swirly linesLucy Wilks One multimedia (2022)


two squirrels underneath colorful scribbles Lucy Wilks Squirrels multimedia (2022)


frog head on human male body being held at gunpointLucy Wilks Traitor multimedia (2022)


colorful modern art piece Lucy Wilks Two multimedia (2022)