Senior Artist: Meau Brinley


black and white drawing of a bird smoking

Meet the Artist

I am a collector, a scavenger, a bottom-feeder. I don’t give. I set traps. I swill the ocean for plankton and filter-feed the trickle down. I take, take, take with sticky hands and leave nothing but pieces of myself behind. Not to be monumentalized and protected, but to be eaten and sacrificed, assimilated back into the shit and dirt, touched by sweaty, intimate fingers. The process is not automatic. When your gaze leaves my work, an ectoplasmic ash is left behind – part of you lives there now, and you’ll never get it back. Does that make you upset? I’d like that. Leave your selfish stain. I’ll take the traces of you and consume them. It’s not an image of me. It grows arms and legs, lungs, a churning brain – it’s a thing with a face and sticky, parasitic hands, painfully aware in the learned recklessness of its existence. Project yourself onto it. Allow it to cannibalize your reflection, collecting your face in a black book. I want to strip your gaze and devour it, the same way you want to gorge yourself on mine. Do you think that’s unfair? Good. What do you see? I won’t translate for you. If I speak it into existence, you’ll try to define all the fleeting thoughts and ideas that amalgamate into color and shape. What do you want from me? An explanation? A thesis on my worth and the value of my work? All that is built falls. These words, even now, feel meaningless. The stark existence of an object remains until that too rots and disintegrates, giving way to an uncertainty of what lies ahead. The unknown is truth, only falsified by our desperate meddling and long-suffering ideals of persistence and Godhood. Definition is a dead-end, a marker of feigned permanence, a false bottom. Definition is the death of curiosity and change. It is the death of wandering.

Instagram: @cherrydumdums

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colorful mixed media artwork with dolls and drug paraphernaliaMeau Brinley Magic Potion acrylic on canvas (2021)


painting of birds in bras and underwear Meau Brinley Orgy Flock  mixed media on wood (2022)


colorful collage of drugs, dolls, and animalsMeau Brinely Primordial  mixed media on canvas (2022)