Senior Artist: Nyima Ming

man hiking on shattered water

Meet the Artist

At its essence my work revolves around exploration. Photography allows me to create with what is presented in front of me, taking a physical place, structure, object, etc and confining the light that reflects off said objects, to paint a picture. This process requires explorations in both the physical nature of being at a location and exploration when looking for compositions, exposures, subjects, and a myriad of other factors that might catch my eye. 

I often work spontaneously, preferring to discover the subjects of my photos in the field. I find spontaneity allows me to capture moments authentically and creatively, enabling me to create a diversity of images. While many of my images may share a similar naturalistic based theme every image stands as a unique moment, a reflection of what I find compelling that that exact point in time. 

The majority of my work revolves around the natural world and how humans fit into it. Vast mountain ranges, alpine rivers and lakes, and beach sunsets, are a few examples of the compelling beauty I find in the natural world. To me, nature has already sculpted the most beautiful scenes, so I simply try to find and capture them with my camera. I additionally find myself (not always but regularly) including human subjects in my photos. I love to contrast human subjects with the surrounding landscapes. I find that images become more relatable both personally and to my audience but additionally, it brings up questions of our place on earth and gives us perspective (for better or worse) of how we fit into the world as a whole. I enjoy playing with this commentary and I would hope my images help to humble, teach, and contextualize our place in this world. Ultimately I hope that my work leads one to appreciate the value of these extremely beautiful natural spaces.


Instagram: @nyimaming

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