Senior Artist: Rhett Kimura

Meet the Artist

Rhett Kimura

The work I create represents the emotional depth in overcoming and redefining my mental illness, Psychosis. I derive meaning in my work through the connection with my own personal despair, while interchangeably coinciding with the intensity of heightened awareness to my natural world and mystical form of living — as I feel deeply connected to ultimate freedom. Embellished in the matter of the mind I connect my work to all aspects of the creative process. I feel that my art defines an awakened movement in unlikely experiences and deeply personal emotive content that  aligns with thinking outside of the original framework of educated rationalism.  I experience life from different dimensions, time traveling, talking with my mind, virtually any form of outlandish appeal that resonates with me is deeply intertwined in my work. My work is the real life adaptation and reality of my subconscious functionality. I often feel that the work I produce is not what I expect. But rather a way of exploring what I do not yet know about myself. The secrets I keep from myself are revealed in how I produce art and for that reason I feel that my art is heart wrenchingly vulnerable. What may frighten you in my work is what has deeply destroyed my soul, and it is the strength in showing you this trauma that I feel my work is often misconstrued.  

 A fog of white crystal energy surrounds your soul. Soft light and sexual glamour, dark and dangerous.  

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Rhett Kimura Death mixed medium 2021Rhett Kimura Death mixed medium (2021)

Rhett Kimura Heartbreak mixed medium 2021Rhett Kimura Heartbreak mixed medium (2021)

Rhett Kimura-Free Form-Digital Edit Pigment Print-2021Rhett Kimura Free Form digital edit pigment print (2021)

Rhett Kimura Slip knot pigment print 2021Rhett Kimura Slip Knot pigment print (2021)

Rhett Kimura Snake Bite pigment print 2021Rhett Kimura Snake Bite pigment print (2021)

Rhett Kimura Snake Piercing pigment print 2021Rhett Kimura Snake Piercing pigment print (2021)

Rhett Kimura Strange Soul pigment print 2021Rhett Kimura Strange Soul pigment print (2021)

Rhett Kimura Tenderness mixed medium 2021Rhett Kimura Tenderness mixed medium (2021)

Rhett Kimura Delicate Fear pigment print 2021 Rhett Kimura Delicate Fear pigment print (2021)