Senior Artist: Shaelyn Meacham

Meet the Artist

As an artist, I am supposed to write a statement for my work, but as an artist, I cannot define my work as one. The art I produce is a variety with very few connections. A diversity in subject, material, and technique that do not correspond. My art holds meaning with every piece that is congruent with my life, a few may connect, others may not. I create my world from my past, my present and my future. I do not create art to appease others, I create art to better understand myself for I am still figuring out who I am. Explore my mind through my art and begin to understand, Shaelyn Meacham, as an artist.  

Shaelyn Meacham

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Shaelyn Meacham Against the Glass oil on canvas 2021Shaelyn Meacham Against the Glass oil on canvas (2021)

Shaelyn Meacham Daruma digital 2021Shaelyn Meacham Daruma digital (2021)

Shaelyn Meacham Female charcoal 2020Shaelyn Meacham Female charcoal (2020)

Shaelyn Meacham Hannya digital 2021Shaelyn Meacham Hannya digital (2021)

Shaelyn Meacham Male charcoal 2021Shaelyn Meacham Male charcoal (2021)

Shaelyn Meacham Omamori digital 2021Shaelyn Meacham Omamori digital (2021)

Shaelyn Meacham Self Portrait charcoal 2020Shaelyn Meacham Self Portrait  charcoal (2020)

Shaelyn Meacham Split oil on canvas 2021Shaelyn Meacham Split oil on canvas (2021)

Shaelyn Meacham Thermal oil on canvas 2020Shaelyn Meacham Thermal oil on canvas (2020)

Shaelyn Meacham Untitled oil on canvas 2020Shaelyn Meacham Untitled oil on canvas (2020)