Senior Artist: Sophie Williams

Meet the Artist

Sophie Williams

In life I appreciate duality and contrast. Thus, my art is a reflection of that. I often combine beauty with macabre imagery. I have always been drawn to the “dark”, and am now further exploring this concept in my art. I believe these things are beautiful in the correct light. I investigate traditional and historical horror themes, creating images and works that symbolize my definition of “macabre”. My definition creates a more “beautiful” approach, and breathes life back into the darkness. I use floral and nature imagery often, highlighting the contrast between life and death both literally and metaphorically. Pattern has always been a big part of my art. I am constantly drawn to patterns. I love to overindulge in repetitive motions. I succumb to a meditative state, and lose all thoughts when working on my patterns. Muscle memory takes over from years of practice, and it becomes a very calming, healing process. It’s a form of art therapy. The patterns that nature creates with leaves, flowers, and plants often make their way into my art. I have always had a passion and love for nature and the outdoors, and consistently incorporate it into my works and patterns. From a distance all the lines blur together, becoming one figure. However, up close the viewer can see hundreds of new details previously hidden. The feeling of intimacy created by closely studying my work is important to me. I appreciate the face value of my art, but the real substance requires close attention.

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Sophie Williams Bird Chair Digital Media 2019Sophie Williams Bird Chair digital media (2019)

Sophie Williams Bloody Micron India Ink Acrylic 2021Sophie Williams Bloody micron india ink acrylic (2021)

Sophie Williams Fibula Micron 2021Sophie Williams Fibula micron (2021)

Sophie Williams Heart Acrylic 2021Sophie Williams Heart  acrylic (2021)

Sophie Williams Mandala 1 Micron 2021Sophie Williams Mandala 1 micron (2021)

Sophie Williams Plague Dr Oil Paint 2020Sophie Williams Plague Dr oil paint (2020)