Senior Artist: Taylor Smith

drawing on mountainside and lake

Meet the Artist

As a small child I have always been drawn to the outdoors. Living only a block away from the mountains I found myself often wandering up all its familiar paths. Within the past year I have moved away from my hometown and come to explore an entirely different mountain range. Finding new beloved trails, and even different parts of the city that remind me of the places I always used to tuck myself away in. Places that would remind me to take a breath and appreciate how beautiful this life really is. Using myself in my art allows me to be vulnerable, by using myself as the subject matter I am forced to not hide behind the lens I am rather, the subject of my matter. Letting viewers know that I am not just looking in on this discovery that I am also experiencing it.  Photography and specifically film has helped me capture some tender moments I have had rekindling my connection with nature. As well as my impact on the earth, I am living in. Within this process of self-exploration in nature and the world alike. I hope to open the eyes of many about the roles they play within the world and what they connect to on an everyday basis. I make traditional photography for the purpose of storytelling, self-exploration and to show people the world through my eyes. By practicing with traditional materials, I force myself to slow down and enjoy every moment I take to shoot, process, and develop the images that I take.

I use photography as my medium because it feels like a more real form of art. A place where I can use almost all my senses in creation, and where I am able to fully be honest with what I am showing.


View the Collection

two photographs of open handsTaylor Smith Am I Grounded (1) silver gelatin prints, pigment prints (2022)


photograph of hand with palm facing up extended out over a body of water Taylor Smith Am I Grounded (2) silver gelatin prints, pigment prints (2022)


two photos of a person one running on a long country road and one sitting down on the roadTaylor Smith Fitting Into Nature (1) silver gelatin print, pigment prints (2022)


photograph of person walking on snow with a forrest of trees behind them Taylor Smith Fitting Into Nature (2) silver gelatin prints, pigment prints (2022)


photograph of fence with no trespassing signTaylor Smith Fitting Into Nature (3) silver gelatin print, pigment prints (2022)


blurry black ad white photograph of mountain top Taylor Smith Parts of My World silver gelatin print, pigment prints (2022)