Health Insurance for Students

Students are encouraged to carry health and accident insurance. Many plans carry students on their parents’ coverage if they are under the age of 27. Westminster’s website has a list of many plans, as there are different options and rates available to students. Cost may vary somewhat due to the student's age. Please contact the Dean of Students Office for more information. All student-athletes attending Westminster College are required to carry insurance coverage. Students admitted to the nursing program are required to provide evidence of health insurance coverage.

We recommend that all students participating in activity-based Human Performance and Wellness courses (HPW), Outdoor Education, Leadership courses (OEL), and/or trips through the Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation department/Outdoor Program are encouraged to carry personal health insurance. In case of accident, injury or illness your personal health insurance will be the primary provider.

Understanding Health Insurance for College Students

International Students

International Students should refer to the Office for Global Engagement for information regarding health insurance and healthcare in the U.S.

Health Insurance Providers

Temporary and Travel Health Insurance