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Conner Nielsen

Conner NielsenName: Conner Nielsen
Major: Finance  Minor: Communications
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Clubs & Interests: Finance club, basketball team, flyfishing, ping pong, reading

Since becoming a Griffin, Conner Nielson’s college experience has continually "gotten better". A transfer student from Snow College, Conner has attended Westminster for a year, playing basketball and finishing his finance degree.

Conner always wanted to attend Westminster. He was thrilled when he spoke with Tommy Connor, head men's basketball coach about the possibility of playing for the college.  

At the beginning of last fall, Conner transferred to Westminster. As with most transfer students, he worried about losing credits and falling behind credit-wise. However, with the help of the START Center, “the process was great.” The counselors helped him enroll in the right courses, made sure his credits would transfer and, most importantly, he would graduate on time. “They were very easy to work with,” he says. “It [the process] was easy and smooth with no problems.”

Conner has been enjoying his time at Westminster. Since attending the college he has become more involved with his education and feels he fits in really well with the professors, people and basketball team. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” he says.

During May term, a month-long semester, Conner took a course to better familiarize him with the finance industry. In Intro to Trading Commodities he researched items—such as corn, wheat and soybeans—traded at the Chicago Board of Exchange. Students were asked to read the Wall Street Journal to track prices and what was happening to the items. Using their knowledge of the market, everyone invested $1 million—fake money—based on what they learned. With some help from management professor Shannon Bellamy, pretty much all the students were able to make a profit.

In addition to coursework, Conner has also become better acquainted with his major through the Finance Club. The club periodically invites CEOs and trainers from different companies to speak about their jobs. Conner is also able to speak with the guests one-on-one, ask questions and network. “It’s a great experience to learn from them,” he says.

Transferring to Westminster has been great for Conner. “I absolutely love the school and the campus,” he says. “I’ve never enjoyed school as much as I’m enjoying it right now.”

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