Students Working on a computer in Bassis Website
Information Services and Support

The IS Department is responsible for all campus technologies including the administrative database, campus data- and phone-network, user support, and the Westminster website. If you are a new member to the campus or if you need further assistance, contact the Computer Support Line 801.832.2023.

Level 1 Support

We provide "Level 1" support for mission-critical technologies: we make sure that the technology is working properly and we will assist with basic usage as well as spend up to 10 minutes of individualized support for resource identification.

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Internet Explorer

  • Network accounts and file access

  • Official campus email software

  • Campus printers and scanners

  • Classroom and lab computers

  • Canvas

  • WebAdvisor

Level 2 Support

We provide "Level 2" support for persistent technology issues and technology requiring higher-level support:

  • Classroom presentation equipment

  • Specialty software networked for particular classes or disciplines

  • Specialty hardware

  • Staff and faculty passwords

  • WebEditors

Level 3 Support

We provide "Level 3" support for all other campus technologies: we will ensure the technology is working propery and that users have access as applicable, but we do not provide usage support.

  • Staff support for specialty software in specific departments

  • Network issues