Envoy Pipeline Program


The Pipeline Program provides students with a clear path to a major airline and the opportunity to be an airline employee—with benefits—while still in college. The program also gives flight instructors the ability to build time faster and have the assurance of an airline job as soon as they meet hiring minimums.


Westminster College students are eligible for the Pipeline Program as long as they:

  • Have completed a minimum of 25% of the academic hours required for graduation (31 credits)
  • Are a U.S. citizen or possess the legal right to work in the United States, including the right to travel to/from the cities Envoy serves.
  • Have graduated from our be enrolled in Westminster as a student and hold at least an instrument rating.
  • Have signed a FERPA release form authorizing Envoy to review the student's academic, aeronautical, FAA, and other Westminster records.
  • Have completed Envoy's pilot application through Envoy's current application service.
  • Have flight training, attendance, traffic violations, FAA actions, and criminal background records in line with Envoy's hiring parameters at all times.
  • Be competitive with and meet the same standards of interview and employment required of other Envoy pilot candidates.
  • Have obtained commercial, instrument, and multi-engine licenses and ratings through Westminster College.
  • Have completed a CFI certificate at Westminster; a CFII and/or MEI may also be required.
  • Have successfully completed the following testing and interview processes:
    • HR interview (as long as student holds instrument rating and has completed sophomore year)
    • Technical interview (upon completing commercial, instrument, and multi-engine ratings)
    • Simulator evaluation (upon completing the technical portion of the interview and holds CFI)


  • Retain Envoy Air date-of-hire while in the program
  • Enjoy travel benefits on American Airlines & affiliates flights
  • Have the opportunity to complete their airline interviews while finishing their undergraduate degree
  • Be a full-time Envoy instructor/employee with medical, dental, and 401K benefits
  • Receive a $10,000 signing bonus with 2-year commitment

Additional Notes

  • Envoy First Officers are currently upgrading to Captain in about 2 or 3 years; going to American in about 6.
  • 60% of American pilots are coming from Envoy
  • The HR and Technical Interviews are conducted on the Westminster College campus.
  • Candidates completing the sim portion of the interview are flown to the interview by Envoy.

Important: The information on this page is quoted or paraphrased from the Envoy Pipline Partnership Agreement. This document is regularly updated and not all current updates may be reflected on this page at any given time. Specific details regarding the Westminster Bridge Program with Envoy Airlines is governed by the most current Letter of Agreement. Those serve as the overriding guiding documents regarding the Pipeline Program.