Aviation New Student Checklist

In order to make sure you are ready to begin flying right away when you arrive to campus, refer to the following checklist.

Flight Student Checklist

  • Medical Certificate: Bring your aviation medical certificate (class I or class II). The FAA website provides a listing of approved aviation medical examiners (AME) and includes information about aviation medical exams and other health-related information that may affect your ability to fly. We recommend you review this information before your exam. Westminster College requires that students have a valid second class medical certificate before they can fly (class one is okay, but not necessary). Once you have located an AME, you will need to go to the medxpress website and create an account. The website will allow you to fill out FAA Form 8500-8, which your AME will use to process your medical.
  • Student Pilot Certificate: Students will now be able to apply for their student pilot certificate when they arrive on campus for classes. The certificate validates age (must be at least 16), identity (verified with government-issued photo ID—passport preferred, and English language proficiency (pilots must be able to read, speak, and understand English). Learn more about the Student Pilot Certificate.
  • Identification: Bring your driver's license or other government-issued photo I.D when you come to campus. You'll need to show it to your flight instructor and he/she will make a photocopy for our records.
  • Proof of Citizenship: Bring your original, current passport, your original birth certificate, or a certified copy of your birth certificate when you come to campus. We will need to inspect the original document and take copies of them. The original documents will be returned to you.
  • Log Book: Bring your log book if you have already started one. If you have not yet logged any flight time, we will provide you with a log book as part of your training supplies.
  • Headset: You are welcome to purchase any type of aviation headset from any source. We have a few AvComm headsets in stock at the Flight Operations Center for $115.00. Students may borrow a loaner (AvComm) headset for a week or two as they begin flight training, but are expected to have their own headset after that time.
  • When Are You Available to Fly? We will schedule your flight lessons around your class schedule, which we have access to. Expect to fly two to four times per week. The Flight Operations Center is open seven days a week.
  • Transportation: The flight operations center is about nine miles from the main campus. If you anticipate having transportation challenges, please let us know when you submit your schedule of availability. We will do our best to assist with carpool or other arrangements. Ultimately, though, students are responsible for their own transportation.
  • Flight Account: Flight Fees are pre-billed as course fees when students register for flight labs. Details about course fees may be found by reviewing the Course Fee Handout.
  • Flight Lab Supplies: Books for Ground School/Flight Labs can be purchased in the College Bookstore. Aircraft Manuals, Checklists, and Safety and Operating Procedure Manuals can be picked up at the Flight Operations Center and will be billed as part of your course fee.
  • Clothing: As you are packing for college, make sure to bring warm weather and professional clothing. When temperatures drop below freezing we require students to bring hat, gloves, and a heavy jacket on all flights. During stage check flights, students are required to demonstrate professionalism by dressing in business casual.

Things to Know

Special arrangements are made with the Director of Aviation Student Support (Gail Avendano, 801.832.2671 or gavendano@westminstercollege.edu)

International Students

If you are not a United States citizen, we will guide you though a special approval process. Contact Lisa Curless, Dispatcher, at 801.832.2910 for information about this process.