Our Team


Emma Fox Emma Fox

Senior, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated
Salt Lake City, UT

I am in WAI, because I love flying, and I think every girl should be introduced to the amazing opportunities that come with an aviation career. I was the only girl in my ground school in Salt Lake City, and one of few at my home airport, Sussex NJ. WAI gives women a great support system and helps to spread the word about how to get involved in aviation.

My goals include graduating from Westminster with a Flight Operations major and an Airport Management minor. Then I hope to work for a skydiving company to build my hours as a pilot.

Vice President, Community Outreach Chair

Noelle Johnson Neolle Johnson

Sophomore, Private Pilot, Instrument Rated
Jackson, WY

I became involved in WAI during my first year of college in 2016 to connect with mentors and gain experience organizing fun events to educate younger students on aviation. I am Majoring in Aviation Management and Aviation Flight Operations. My other passions include but are not limited to cooking, entrepreneurship, and skiing!


Paige Mathison Paige Mathison

Sophomore, Private Pilot, Instrument Rated
Santa Barbara, CA

I am in WAI, because I care about the future of women representation in aviation careers. Though I am not an aviation major, I like to stay connected with other female aviators in the community and participate in our events.


April Miklos April Miklos

Sophomore, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated
Salt Lake City, UT

Community Outreach Chair

Kristi Weeks Kristi Weeks

Junior, Private Pilot
Henderson, NV

Growing up, I heard horror stories from my grandmothers and my mom about how they were treated in their male dominated professions. From a young age, I was taught that I could change all of that, and it was up to me. WAI is a chance for women and men alike to join the fight of equality in aviation and I could not think of a better way to make a change.

In my aviation career, I plan to fly for the United States Navy flying fighters or helicopters.

Membership Chair

Greta Schneider

Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated
Eden, Utah

I chose to involve myself with WAI because of the opportunities and connections it has to offer. WAI also gives me the chance to share my passion for aviation with my community and help it gain notice and popularity especially among young girls and women.

My aviation goal, ultimately, is to have my own charter business. In the short-term I plan on receiving my multi-engine rating and my flight instructing license and use my ability to explore and create experiences for myself, my family, and my friends.

Faculty Advisor

Gail Avendano Gail Avendano

Aviation Department
Salt Lake City, UT

I’ve been a member of WAI since 2002 and helped start the Great Salt Lake Chapter in 2009. WAI is one of the best aviation organizations around in terms of educational opportunities, professional development offerings, and community outreach.

My goal is to see more young women consider careers in aviation—it’s a rewarding, supportive field and the career opportunities right now are amazing.