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The Business Minor Program at Westminster College

Students in the Economics program (bachelor of arts degree path) and non-business majors can elect to complete a business minor in order to develop business acumen. Students interested in adding a minor in business to their academic programs are encouraged to contact a faculty advisor in business to discuss how the minor can assist them in achieving their career goals. Adding such minor to your studies will take your future career path to a whole new level; you will develop a broader understanding of business decision making and professional etiquette.

What You'll Learn in the Business Program 

The minor in business is designed to:

  • Give students a cross-functional understanding of the business environment
  • Develop an understanding of the basic economic, finance, marketing, and management issues facing the firm

sample BUSINESS courses

  • BUSI-225: Business Law and Ethics
  • BUSI-300: Information Technology
  • BUSI-400: Business Analytics
  • BUSI-442: Professional Portfolio

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Our Faculty

Dax Jacobson, Ph.D
Interim Dean, Gore School of Business

Vicki Graham [Whiting], Ph.D

Dick Chapman, Ph.D

Alysse Morton, Ph.D