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Westminster College gives you the opportunity to complement your major area of study with the Data Science minor. Take your understanding of research and data trends to the next level, combining technology and statistical reasoning to extract knowledge from compiled data.

Who It's For

Students in the Data Science minor want to understand the processes behind data acquisition and analysis. And, if you’re majoring in business, mathematics, sociology, computer science, or another program that involves research, you’ll be able to incorporate your personal interests into your coursework.

Key Benefits

  • Small class sizes that facilitate the group discussions
  • The personal attention you need when learning statistical programming language
  • Access to RStudio, an integrated development environment
  • Interdisciplinary classes where you will question both the technological and social implications of data science
  • Multiple areas of emphasis to further customize your minor

About the Program

In an increasingly industrial and automated world, the ability to use data to answer questions and make educated predictions is necessary for a career of consequence. The Data Science minor is designed to help students develop the ability to use data to answer research questions and make professional decisions.


What You'll Learn

  • Assemble, analyze, and interpret empirical evidence and communicate outcomes effectively in written and verbal forms

  • Analyze economic, social, and business problems and recommend courses of action while recognizing the role of assumptions and the limitations of economic analysis

  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the historical, cultural, and institutional foundations of the economy

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the policy implication of economic theories

  • Demonstrate an appreciation of how the social sciences, history, and philosophy contribute to an understanding of economics

Plan of Study

In addition to core classes that explore data science, you will choose an emphasis in statistics, computer science, or mathematics. This will allow you to further tailor your minor and help you develop a capstone project related to your personal interests.

Sample Courses

Exploration in Data Science

Data science is at the forefront of the big data revolution. In this course, you will consider the potential consequences of governments, companies, nonprofits, and health care providers analyzing vast amounts of information to make predictions about our lives.

Statistical Learning

Modern advances in computational power allow us to use technology to build models that help as analyze complex data sets. Through this course, you will explore the theories and applications of statistical learning languages and techniques.

Career Opportunities

Due to the interdisciplinary character of data, a fundamental knowledge of data science is helpful in most, if not all, types of jobs. Through this minor, you will be prepared to make statistically significant connections that will lead you to a meaningful career.

Potential Careers

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data mining engineer
  • Data architect
  • Machine learning
  • Market research analyst
  • Statistician

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