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Although a foreign language like Japanese can be intimidating to many students, Westminster is a great place to thrive in this area due to its small class sizes, its emphasis on practical application of your studies, and its dedicated faculty who is willing to help you on a one-on-one basis. While Japan is rich with culture far older than many Western countries, it is also now a major player in global markets and politics. Studying Japanese will enhance your understanding of the fascinating Land of the Rising Sun and will open your eyes to a whole new perspective. 

Key Benefits

Professor Takashi Ebira has infused our Japanese program for the past two years. He has expanded the Japanese classes to the second-year level and ambitiously envisions the possibility where Westminster can offer a minor in Japanese.

About the Program

What You'll Learn

The Language program offers four semesters of Japanese. It is designed to give students practical tools for communicating in written and spoken Japanese and to deepen cultural sensitivity. While Japanese has great practical advantages for certain fields, most notably business, it would also expand the cultural horizons of any liberal arts student, which is why everyone is encouraged to try this program.

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