Justice Studies

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Bachelor of Science
Major, Minor
School of Arts and Sciences
4-Year Degree


In the justice studies program, we break down justice into its ethical, social, and political components to analyze their significance and evaluate their consequences. Our program encourages you to pay attention to justice in relation to your particular areas of interest—to forge an independent path of study towards a meaningful career. Throughout our program, you will explore intersections beyond the conventional study of crime, such as gender, ability, race, class, and citizenship status.

Who It's For

Justice studies appeals to students who want a curriculum that cultivates self-awareness and analytical skills. Entering the competitive field of law and justice requires students to have a solid foundation in cultural and legal subject matters. If you want an interdisciplinary approach to justice, we have the program for you.

Key Benefits

  • Our program values the complex nature of knowledge related to social justice and ethics.
  • We stress the importance of the interpretation of existing bodies of knowledge and their corresponding research methods.
  • Our small class sizes will give you space for the discussion-based education you need.
  • Justice studies faculty members come from a variety of specialties, providing multiple approaches to questions prominent in the field.

About the Program

Our program’s holistic approach helps students understand why institutions may not behave a certain way. Students are encouraged to take interdisciplinary coursework that exposes them to different ways of thinking about the nature of justice.

Meet the Faculty

What You'll Learn

  • Develop effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Develop, critique, and conduct research
  • Demonstrate collaborative problem-solving skills
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Develop practices of global responsibility
  • Develop a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of justice concepts and ethics
  • Critically engage with current justice studies literature

Plan of Study

Liberal Education Courses

You must complete the WCore program or join the Honors College (and complete requirements) to fulfill your liberal education credits.

Sample Courses

Law and Society

Through this course, you will explore the relationship between the legal system, law, and current controversial issues regarding race, ethnicity, class, and gender. You will learn how to analyze contemporary American legal issues using the theories of Durkheim, Marx, and Weber.

Economic Justice

Economic injustice stems from the scarcity of resources. How should we, as a society, allocate resources to achieve both fairness and efficiency? This question is connected to religion, class, gender, poverty, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more. Join us to analyze the concept of justice through economies’ points of view.

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Career Opportunities

Westminster’s justice studies major is intended for students planning to attend graduate school or careers in community service. Our students are prepared to succeed in law, social justice, public administration, environmental protection, and urban affairs.

Potential Careers

  • Public policy analysis
  • International development
  • Media
  • Literacy
  • Migration
  • Health
  • Community organization
  • Violence prevention

Student Success

Given the rigorous nature of our program, justice studies prepares students for a successful, post-collegiate career. Our students have been admitted to the following graduate and professional programs over the past few years:

  • Arizona State University
  • Brock University (Canada)
  • Michigan State University
  • Pacific University
  • University of Utah

Related Programs

The program can also be taken as a minor, which will enable you to view justice through broad lenses.

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