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Once the language of the ancient Roman Empire, Latin is a classical language whose influence is present in many parts of our modern world. Latin roots constitute the foundation of the majority of English words, and studying them is known to improve vocabulary, grammar, and the ability to learn new romance languages.

Who It's For

Latin has been used throughout the Western world in fields like computer science, medicine, law, literature, and education. Westminster encourages students to take Latin classes because of their great practical advantages for careers in the natural, social, and applied sciences.

Key Benefits

  • Thoughtfully designed course sequence that emphasizes the practical use of Latin roots in modern language
  • Small class sizes that facilitate a discussion-based environment that will help you analyze and retain information
  • Dedicated faculty that will help you learn at a deeper level

About the Program

What You'll Learn

Latin is the language that has been the most widely used throughout Western world history. It had a tremendous influence on the development of English and other world languages. Latin offers great practical advantages, especially for students pursuing careers in the humanities, law, medicine, nursing, public health, and the sciences.

Plan of Study

The Latin program is an intensive, 1-year Latin course sequence. Occasionally, May Term classes and trips are offered.

Sample Courses

Latin II

Travel to the Golden Age of Latin literature. Experience an introduction to readings from the authors of the period of stylistic classicism, such as Caesar, Virgil, and Horace.

Career Opportunities

Studying Latin increases your ability to memorize and comprehend medical terminology and scientific expressions, and train the mind for constant critical thinking that can benefit any field of study.

Potential Careers

  • Medicine
  • Physical science
  • Social science
  • Law
  • Education
  • Computer science
  • History
  • Global studies

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