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The Montessori Program at Westminster College

Westminster's School of Education is committed to empowering future teachers. The Montessori minor is open to all students, regardless of major, and emphasizes leadership and creativity in an educational environment. You’ll not only learn how to provide a meaningful Montessori education but also how to have the greatest impact on students, parents, fellow educators, and the community.

Who the Montessori Program Is For

This minor helps prepare students who’d like to teach or administer in Montessori education programs. If you have a deep desire to improve student learning and gain the tools to provide a nurturing education, this minor will get you there.

What You'll Learn in the Montessori Program 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of teaching using Montessori practices—and you’ll immerse yourself in the research and theory behind why these practices are effective.

Sample Montessori courses

Foundations of Montessori Education:
Provides the historical and philosophical foundations for understanding Montessori’s view of human life and development: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. The course focuses on the philosophical and educational theories that provide the basis of the Montessori method and includes the history of the method and how the principles evolved.

Introduction to Inclusive Education: This course teaches students the intersections of Montessori teaching principles and special education instructional methods. Students will learn the types of cognitive and physical disabilities that some students bring to schools and the laws regarding students with disabilities. Students will also learn how to work with special education teachers to serve students with disabilities.

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montessori program key benefits

  • Our program combines traditional Montessori principles with innovative ways to meet learners’ needs in the modern world.
  • Through self-directed research and the flexibility to adapt assignments, you’ll gain a meaningful and customized experience.
  • You can choose from 4 emphases, customizing your coursework to your interests and goals.


montessori program plan of study

Depending on their emphasis, students must complete 22–32 credit hours of approved coursework to complete the Montessori minor. Emphases include: infant toddler, early childhood, lower elementary, and upper elementary.