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Law schools today are adopting entrance requirements that emphasize the ability to think clearly and communicate proficiently. Students must be analytical and creative thinkers as well as have an understanding of human values and institutions.

The Pre-Law curriculum is designed to familiarize students with a range of subjects relevant to studying law. Some stress law-related thinking skills while others, like constitutional law, cover actual legal topics. These courses comprise a suggested listing only which should be helpful to students deciding whether or not to attend law school.

Key Benefits

  • Small classes with a liberal arts foundation
  • Dedicated faculty that will prepare you for the LSAT and law school
  • Exposure to different fields in law through class curriculum or the PreLaw Society

About the Program

What You'll Learn

The term "Pre-Law" does not designate a specific major or preferred undergraduate program at Westminster College as law schools do not favor one major over another. While it is possible to prepare for law school while fulfilling the requirements for any academic major, it is important to take courses that are intellectually demanding and relative to the legal field in which you are interested.

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