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Keaton Austin

Westminster College Student Spotlight: Keaton Austin

Major: International BusinessKeaton Austin

Hobbies/likes: I enjoy working out, running, sports, anything physical. I also like hanging with friends.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Why did you choose Westminster over other schools?
One-on-one help with teachers. Great business school.

What do you particularly like about your major?
I like that I don’t only get an idea of how business works in America, but how business works in the world economy. I don’t only have to focus on one area of study, like management, but I can learn about any area of business.

How do you feel about your learning experiences at Westminster?
I feel great about them, the teachers are always there to help. I have never had a bad teacher--all have been great. If I didn’t know something, I could just email my professor and expect a response within a few hours. I don’t know of another school where teachers are so helpful and care so much about everyone succeeding.

What else would you like to share about your overall experience at Westminster?
I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I love it here, and am proud to have a future degree from here.