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Honors Program-Wide Learning Goals

  • Critical, analytical, and integrative thinking
    • Ability to make connections between and across disciplines
    • Ability to analyze complex texts and ideas
    • Ability to engage in research design and problem solving
    • Ability to think independently
    • Ability to demonstrate quantitative literacy
  • Creative and reflective capabilities
    • Ability to ask questions that lead to new understanding
    • Ability to reflect on the learning process and one’s role in that process
    • Ability to express oneself creatively beyond written and spoken media (i.e. visual, musical, etc.)
  • Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork
    • Ability to share power and recognize, respect, and celebrate differences in groups
    • Ability to be self-aware in ways that facilitate collaboration with others
    • Ability to take intellectual risks
  • Writing and other communication skills
    • Ability to write clearly and persuasively in an authentic voice
    • Ability to use evidence to make an argument in writing and speaking
    • Ability to engage in genuine conversation
  • Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness
    • Ability to understand intersections of power relations and perspectives in both global and U.S. American contexts
    • Ability to understand cultural lenses and their intersections, particularly in terms of their relation to social justice
    • Ability to identify ethical issues in society, perform sound ethical reasoning, and make informed moral judgments
  • Read how the learning in Honors seminars helps students succeed in the real world.


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