Flying Options

"I know I want to fly. What are my options?"

Incoming freshmen have three flying options. Each option is designed to meet very different student needs. Please carefully consider which option is the best fit for you.

Option 1: Fall Start

This is our traditional option. Students begin their flight classes the same time they begin the rest of their fall academic classes.

  • During fall semester, these students register for AVFL 121 (Foundations of Flight) and AVFL 122A (Foundations of Flight Lab I)
  • By the end of spring semester, these students earn their private pilot's license and are ready to start the PIC Development Courses (AVFL 221 and AVFL 222) the following fall. 
  • Flight training costs total approximately $14,500 during the academic year.
  • Students in the fall start option also enroll in either the Write Flyers aviation learning community (ENGL 110) or the Aviation Connections aviation learning community (AVIA 101 and INTR 100).

Option 2: Early Start

In this option, students arrive to campus early and begin taking their flight classes on July 6th. In the six weeks they are here before the rest of the regular start students, they fly four times a week and also complete their learning community requirements (AVFL 121 paired with AVIA 100). 

  • During summer block C, students register for AVFL 121 (Foundations of Flight), AVFL 122A (Foundations of Flight Lab I), and AVIA 100 (Transitioning to College for Aviation Students). Students in this program qualify for financial aid benefits based on 2014-2015 FAFSA application; reserving 2015-2016 benefits for classes students take during fall 2015 and spring 2016 semesters.
  • During fall semester, these students register for AVFL 122B (Foundations of Flight Lab II), AVFL 221 (PIC Development) and other classes to meet LE and major requirements.
  • These students earn their private pilot's license by the end of fall semester and can realistically earn their instrument rating by the end of spring semester.
  • Flight training costs total approximately $24,000 during the academic year.

Option 3: Spring Start

  • Students selecting this option do not fly until January 2016 but are welcome to begin their academic coursework on when regular fall classes begin (August 19th).
  • This is a good option for students who don't have adequate flight funding prior to the mid-summer deposit deadline, students who are unable to finalize their aviation medicals right away, or for students who want to have extra time exploring their academic options.
  • Students in the spring start option enroll in the ENGL 110 or AVIA 101/INTR 100 learning community in the fall and enroll in AVFL 121 and AVFL 122A in the spring.
  • Flight training costs total approximately $7500 during the spring semester. Students in this option are highly encouraged to continue their flight training during May term and into summer (AVFL 122B) in order to complete the Foundations of Flight labs and be ready to enroll in the PIC Development course fall 2016.
  • This option is also a good one for students who might not be fully-committed to a Flight Operations degree and are considering other major options such as Aviation Management or Business options.