Student Workers

Student Workers

Main Campus (Simulation and Testing Center)

Lindsay Eberly - Sim Lab Test Proctor, junior Nursing major

Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut

Hobbies: Sailing, reading, working out

What I like about my campus job: It has absolutely nothing to do with my major so I get to have fun learning about an entirely different program. Also, the students and faculty in the flght school are very welcoming and it's a very fun and happy atmosphere to work in.

What I like about Westminster: I love that any time I am on campus I run into someone I know. Westminster has a very accepting and family feel to it. The classes here are small, which gives you a chance to become close to not only your peers but the professors as well. I also love how accessible the professors are. They really care about your academic performance and want to see you succeed.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: It's the exact opposite of where I'm from. I'm used to the ocean and trees everywhere. Now I get the mountains and view of the valley that is to die for at night.

About me: I am from the east coast--born and raised. I have been sailing since I was six years old and racing sailboats since I was ten. I race anything from 12-60 feet. I am a nursing student, which means that when I'm not in class, at the hospital, or at work, I am home studying. On the rare occassion when I actually have fre time, I like to curl up with my Netflix account. 


Andre Washington - Sim Lab Test Proctor, sophomore, Finance major

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Hobbies: Running, coaching debate, watching documentaries

What I like about my campus job: Westminster has such a dverse and welcoming group of aviation students, as well as a phenomenal faculty. I'm glad to be able to work with a range of people from the community at large, as well as students here at school.

What I like about Westminster: Westminster's smaller campus and student body make it easy to feel at home and at ease virtually anywhere. As a finance major, I can't believe how connected and supportive the school has been and how great the facilities are for business students.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: I have lived here all of my life and I'm still amazed at how the city changes from year to year as new areas develop--SLC is a growing city! 

Favorite restaurant: Flatbread Neopolitan Pizzaria. Try the mac and cheese.

About me: In addition to my job here at school, I'm an assistant debate coach for a local private high school which takes me across the country for tournaments. I love entrepreneurship and business and I'm excited to be studying finance here.






Flight Operations Center

The flight operations center employs student dispatchers and plane washers/line personnel.  Student workers help the rest of the aviation team keep the flight operations center running seven days a week.


Taylor (TJ) Westerberg - Flight Operations major-class of 2015

Hometown: Salem, OR

Hobbies: reading, watching movies, traveling, and trying new things

What I like about my campus job: I like being able to get to know everyone and become more familiar with flight ops procedures. Everyone is so fun to be around out here!

What I like about Westminster: I love the small class sizes and knowing my teachers on a more personal level. It makes it easier to learn when the teacher knows your name and knows what areas you need extra help in.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: Salt Lake is an interesting community and there's so much to do! Outdoor activities, movies, plays, operas, bowling, etc. My weekends are never the same!

Advice for new aviation students: Have fun! Having a positive attitude and a willingness to learn will take you far and make the school experiences you have more beneficial.

Favorite Restaurants: My Thai, Simply Sushi, and Curry in a Hurry