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Management Major

Why Study Business Management?

A study of Management paves the way for a career in organizational management or entrepreneurship, or for graduate studies in management or other areas.


Why Choose Westminster's Program?

The concentration of Management in the Business Studies program represents a realistic amalgam of history, theory, legal issues, and business practices. We offer a broad range of courses that let you tailor your learning experience to your own interests and career goals.

Throughout your studies you will enjoy excellent access to facilities, experienced faculty, and other resources. Valuable real-world experience is gained via a cooperative-education internship or working with professionals in a company or non-profit organization.  For information, see the Academic Catalog Management Program Section.  


What are the Management Program Learning Goals?

Students majoring in Management can:

  • Analyze the competitive environment of an organization and make plans that will lead to organizational success.

  • Organize manufacturing and service operations for maximum quality and efficiency.

  • Motivate, coordinate, and lead others to excellent performance. 

  • Develop plans to lead an organization through a significant change effort.

  • Demonstrate intercultural respect and social responsibility.

What Else?

You may elect to pursue either a B.S. or B.A. degree in Business Studies with a Management concentration.

The Gore School of Business is nationally accredited by the Association of College Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), and continues to build upon more than 25 years of academic excellence.

How Can I Learn More about THE Management Degrees?

Contact the program director, Professor Brian Jorgensen at 801.832.2650 or by email at