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International Business

International Business Major


Why Study International Business?

As our economies and markets become more global even local businesses are faced with a global influence. Employers need people with the skills, resources, and the cultural perspective to build effective, successful global business networks. An International Business degree will prepare you for these opportunities or graduate studies in business.


Why Choose Westminster's Program?

International Business"What I like about Westminster's program is the small classes," says Assistant Management Professor Vicki Whiting. "International business, by necessity, is a class in which you need to have experience in terms of cross-cultural, business planning and development, and discussion about what's going on with people actually out there in the international environment. Because of small classes, we're able to create cross-cultural simulation, hook students up with mentors, and travel on trips to foreign places where we have high-level strategic meetings with corporations around the world."  For specific information,  see the Academic Catalog International Business Program Section.  


What are the International Business Program Learning Goals?

Students completing the bachelor degree in International Business should:

  • Recognize the fundamental economic forces that shape a country’s stake in the global economic order, and establish the implications for national and business policy of the international economy. 

  • Evaluate the financial risks of doing business in a specific country. 

  • Develop a plan for effectively marketing a product in a foreign market. 

  • Identify and create strategies to meet the challenges of doing business internationally. 



At Westminster you may major in International Business to receive your Bachelor of Arts degree. The program is also designed for students who wish to follow a planned progression into the Westminster MBA Program.


How Can I Learn More about Business Majors?

Contact the program director, Professor Brian Jorgensen at 801.832.2650 or by email at