Fulfilling Foreign Language Requirements

Foreign Language requirements are listed as part of the major requirements for each major (see individual academic program listings). Most majors require eight credit hours achieved in one of the following two options:

Note that students may only receive such foreign language credit for participating in a May Term Study Experience (or equivalent from another institution) when the language is the native or predominant language of the country of destination, when a foreign language faculty member co-teaches the course, and when the student has passed at least one semester of foreign language instruction in the same language at the college level.

Successful completion of any college-level foreign language course that is the equivalent of four credit hours, or five quarter hours, satisfies part of the foreign language requirement as will adequate AP or CLEP examination scores. Students might also qualify to take a Westminster College challenge examination in French or Spanish with departmental approval.

Students who are bi-lingual (native proficiency) are exempt from this requirement but must meet with language faculty to receive a waiver. 
Students with some high school language experience who are unsure of proper foreign language placement should arrange for an interview with the professor in the Language program.