Appeals for Readmission

A student must petition the Appeals Committee for readmission before the beginning of the semester that the student wishes to attend. If the student feels extenuating circumstances contributed to the failure to meet minimum grade point averages, he or she may choose to appeal for readmission immediately following the suspension; however, if the committee finds that extenuating circumstances did not exist, the appeal for readmission is denied and the student must remain out of the college for one or more regular semesters before again appealing for readmission.

Appeals Procedure for Readmission

To appeal for readmission, a student must submit a letter to the Director of Academic and Career Development giving evidence that the student feels supports his or her request. The student is also encouraged to request a letter from his or her academic advisor or other faculty member in support of the appeal. The student is notified of the Appeals Committee meeting and is given an opportunity to present his or her case in person. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.

A student readmitted through the appeals procedure is placed on continued probation. If the student has been out of the college for more than three regular semesters, he or she must also submit an application for readmission to the Admissions Office.