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Getting Started

Getting Started

As a Westminster student, you can study abroad almost anywhere in the world on programs that vary in length from a few weeks in the summer to a full semester, or even an entire academic year.  Westminster offers its own May Term Study Experiences every May where students travel internationally (and sometimes domestically) with Westminster faculty members and classmates.  For semester, year-long, or summer option, Westminster partners with international education organizations known as "program providers."   Beginning in 2013, Westminster has undergone a review process to select program providers that most closely align with our College-wide learning goal.  This list of recognized providers is being introduced in Fall 2013, and the 13-14 academic year will be a transitional year.  Beginning in the 2014-15 academic year, Westminster study abroad can only be approved through providers that are on the list of recognized providers.

Westminster students are encouraged to research the many options and choose a program that complements their academic area of study.  The following factors should be considered when evaluating study abroad options:

  • Academics - Make sure the program offers the classes you need. Review your Westminster degree audit with your academic advisor to find out what classes you need to take.

  • Language ability - Do you speak another language or want to learn one?

  • Type of program - There are hundreds of programs. Do you want to study with other Americans or would you prefer a more independent experience?

  • Location - Consider the climate, natural environment, size of the city, and housing.

  • Dates - Consider start and end dates of programs-- some foreign academic calendars do not match the Westminster calendar.

  • Length of Study - Programs range from 2-3 weeks to a semester or a full academic year. While a full year may seem daunting, many students who go for a semester or shorter come back wishing they had stayed longer.