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Happenings in the School of Education


International Reading Association
Prof. Kristi Jones and Kiley Dewey, a student in the MED Reading program, presented a paper at the 59th Annual Conference of the International Reading Association in New Orleans in May.  The title of the presentation was “Culturally Relevant Comprehension Instruction as an Intervention in a First Grade Setting”.


The Mayan Calanders: Myths and Meaning
Dr. Peggy Cain presented The Mayan Calanders: Myths and Meaning at the Clark Planetarium Night School.


Montessori At Westminster
The Montessori Teacher Education Program is now in its second year.   In the first two years, over 50 students have taken summer courses in Montessori education, and thirty have gone on to a year-long student teaching experience in a Montessori school.  The program has greatly increased the number of trained Montessori teachers in Utah.


Content and Language Integrated Learning
Dean Robert Shaw was the plenary speaker at a conference for English Language teachers in Lima, Peru sponsored by the Universidad de Piura and the University of Dayton Publishing Company:  “Empowering the English Classroom”, September 14, 2013.  While in Peru he also held workshops in English and Spanish for four groups of school teachers and administrators on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).


International Transformative Learning Conference
Dr. Peggy Cain and Dr. Jennifer Kushner (University of Wisconsin-Extension) presented a paper at the 10th International Transformative Learning Conference entitled Community leadership: Transforming our models and ourselves. The paper focused on leaderless organizing and collective impact as transformative learning processes.