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Work Study

Work Study

Working While at Westminster

Music InstructionWestminster invests over one million dollars each year to employ students on campus. Students work as software assistants in the computer labs, faculty research assistants, and in a variety of other campus offices. It's a great way to earn a paycheck that can be used for tuition, books, or pizza! Work study provides students an opportunity to get connected on campus and work with faculty, staff, and other students. These jobs can provide useful experience in building a resume. Of course, if you have any questions about resumes, internships, or job skills for after graduation, you're welcome to contact our Career Resource Center.

What jobs are available?

Check our online job board for a listing of jobs currently available. These jobs are updated daily, so check back often. Also, look for our annual job fair in August during Freshman Orientation to sign-up for job interviews.

How does it all work?

See our Work Study Guidebook (subnavigation to the left) for more information about the Westminster College Student Employment program.

How do I apply?

Since work study is a need-based program, first priority for job placement is given to students who are awarded Federal Work Study as part of their Financial Aid Package. If you're interested, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and mark "yes" to the question that asks the following: "In addition to grants, are you interested in work study?" If you don't qualify for work study we will still work with you to find employment.