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Getting Paid

How To Get Paid

After you have completed your employment documentation paper work and have started working, you will need to talk to your supervisor about how to record the hours that you work. Ultimately, each supervisor will submit a Departmental Time Sheet on every other Friday of each month to the Payroll Office. Just a reminder: you must submit all necessary employment documentation before you can be paid.

Tax Withholding on Student Wages

Wages paid to a student employee may be subject to the following tax withholdings: Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax and FICA Tax (Social Security). The amount withheld for federal and state taxes is determined by the amount of your gross income and the withholding reported on the W4 Form. A FICA tax exemption is automatically provided for all Federal Work Study and Student Employment students who work less than 20 hours per week and are enrolled in at least six credit hours during each semester.Work study students in the Library lab


Paychecks are disbursed every other Thursday from the Cashiers Office located in Bamberger Hall. If the payday falls on a holiday, you can pick up your check on the last business day before the holiday.

Pay Rates

Each position has an entry rate of pay. Individual pay rates are determined according to job title and employee experience. Each job posting lists the entry rate of pay. Your individual rate of pay will be determined at the time of hire or rehire.

Pay Rate Increases

There are several ways your pay rate could be increased. All increases are dependent on the availability of funds. Pay rates may be increased for the following reasons: performance, longevity, promotion or reclassification.

Allowable Work Hours

You may work a maximum of twenty hours per week during any week classes are in session. When classes are not in session, you may work up to 40 hours per week (such as during semester breaks or vacations) as approved by your supervisor. As a reminder, if you work in more than one office or department, the combined total of hours between two or more jobs may not exceed 20 hours.