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Panopto- Getting video for student portfolios

Panopto- Getting video for student eportfolios

As a professor you may occasionally be asked by students for a video that they created using Panopto in your class (such as a speech they gave in the Public Presenations class).

FInd out:

  • Do they want a link, embed code, or an MP4 file?
    • If they want the link, do they mind if the video is set to be available for viewing by anybody who has the link?
    • If they want to use embed code, do they know how to use it in Foliotek?
    • If they want the MP4, do they have a flash drive or a method they prefer to share large files. You can use Westminster's File Safe to transfer large files, but you'll need to know their email address. It can be used to transfer files up to 2 gigs.
    • If the student wants the MP4 video file they will need to upload it to a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then pull it into Foliotek.

Follow the instructions in the video below.