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Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms


Locker Room photo courtesy PhotoBlueprintThe center features three distinct locker room facilities.  The main locker rooms are located on the first floor and are intended for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Fully equipped, these locker rooms have both tall and short lockers, showers, and bathrooms.  Connected to the main locker rooms are team lockers, in which student-athletes will have designated space and 24-inch “sit-in lockers” for their athletic equipment and belongings.  Student-athletes will share the amenities in the main locker rooms with other members.  A third locker room facility includes two athletic locker rooms.  These rooms are located in the field house and are fully equipped with 24 inch “sit-in lockers,” showers, and bathrooms.  Athletic teams in season will use the athletic locker rooms.


Please be sure to bring your own lock, as all lockers in the main locker rooms are for day use only.


REMINDER: Westminster College and the Fitness, Wellness and Recreation Department is not responsible for lost or stolen items stored in lockers.  Never leave an unlocked locker unattended.

  • Lockers are available to rent each semester.  Only FWRD Issued locks will be allowed to remain on lockers overnight.  The cost to rent a locker is $10.00 per semester for a half locker and $20.00 per semester for a full locker.
  • Half lockers will be allocated for students enrolled in Human Performance and Wellness classes.
  • Personal locks not removed by closing time each night will be cut off at the owner's expense and items will be placed in the lost and found.