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The following resources will provide you with additional information about Spiral Jetty.

Dia Art Foundation

Spiral Jetty is one of many pieces of art under the care of Dia. Find out more about this New York based foundation that selected us as a steward of Smithson's famous earthwork.

Dia Art Foundation's Spiral Jetty information

 Specific information about Spiral Jetty can be found here.  What is Spiral Jetty, how do you get there and who collaborates wtih Dia in preservation of Spiral Jetty?

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

UMFA is also responsible for the stewardship of Spiral Jetty.

Robert Smithson

Learn more about the life and work of Spiral Jetty creator Robert Smithson.

Video: Dr. Bonnie K. Baxter - Spiral Jetty Explained

Dr. Bonnie Baxter, Director of Great Salt Lake Institute explains why water in the north arm of Great Salt Lake (where Spiral Jetty is located) is colored pink and describes other important organisms that live near Spiral Jetty.

Video: Hikmet Sidney Loe - Spiral Jetty Explained

Local art historian and Spiral Jetty expert, Loe explains the idea of multiplicity behind these three components and gives an overview of the history of the piece.