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MSNEd Graduates

MSNEd Graduates

"I felt nutured and mentored by my professors.  In addition, I felt my life experiences were of value and added to the learning atmosphere.  Finally, I felt there was dynamic, potentiated learning when discussing views and thoughts in face-to-face dialogue" - Debra Wing, MSNEd

What is unique about the MSNEd Program at Westminster College?

  • "The close, congenial atmosphere between faculty and students." - Debra Wing, MSNEd
  • "The opportunty to work with excellent faculty members who help foster development of current talents and provide opportunities to develop new talents and skills." - Joh Worthen, MSNEd
  • "The School of Edcuation collaboration with the School of Nursing and Health Sciences  is innovative and shows a commitment to higher education." - Madeline Lassche, MSNEd, RN
  • "I throughly enjoyed learning adult education principles from the Education Professions and adapting this information into the Nursing Program." - Stephanie Proffitt, MSNEd

Where are they now?

  • Clinical Instructor, University of Utah

  • Intermountain Medical Center Unit Education Consultant

  • Assistant Professor Simulation Lab Supervisor

  • Code Blue Educator Intermountain Healthcare

  • Various staff development positions

  • Various academic positions