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Strategy & Leadership

Through this project sequence:


  • You interview and analyze executives as a way to document best practices in leadership and apply your findings to your own leadership style to find ways to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.
  • You review strategic plans to connect effective leadership to fulfillment of organizational strategy.
  • You develop tactical plans with measurable objectives to move the firm from its present position to fulfillment of its mission and vision.


Areas of Coverage


Project 4-1:
Leadership Comparison

Interview executives to determine what makes leaders effective, in the context of where the firm is now and where the firm would like to be according to its mission and vision. You analyze the firm's organizational life cycle, its culture and the full leadership team to evaluate effective leadership and effective management in the context of its current strategic plan. You compare your findings about effective leadership to executives in global companies to contextualize their findings.


Project 4-2:
Company Strategic Assessment 

Choose a company to evaluate strategic direction using SWOT and environmental scan analysis. You identify the firm's core competencies and competitive advantages to evaluate the effectiveness of the firm's strategic plan in protecting and building on advantages and competencies. You present your findings to executives at the company being analyzed to test your analysis and gain additional insight into the real context of the company's operating strategy. You also evaluate the firm's success in fulfilling its legal obligations and responsibilities.


Project 4-F:
Developing a Plan to Meet Strategy

Review strategic plans for a publicly traded company, analyzing the realities faced by the firm when it originally developed the plan. You evaluate the firm's success at achieving what it had originally planned to, paying attention to the firm's original assumptions and the realities that occurred since the assumptions were made. You then develop a new tactical plan to help the firm achieve its original mission and vision.