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Threat Assessment & Behavior Intervention Committee

Threat Assessment & Behavior Intervention Committee (TABIC)

The purpose of this committee is to formalize the college’s processes of addressing behavior that may be threatening, disruptive, or harmful. The committee is comprised of the associate provost of student development, the dean of students, the director of the counseling center, the director of human resources, and general counsel. The committee will also consult with other people with experience and expertise regarding specific situations.

Please REPORT to your dean or supervisor or to any member of TABIC any behaviors or conversations you have seen or heard that cause you to be concerned that someone is engaging or may engage in behavior that is threatening, disruptive, or harmful.

Please REPORT to campus patrol (801.832.2525) or risk management (801.832.2565 or 801.832.2657) anyone, including an unsupervised minor, who appears to be loitering or behaving in a suspicious manner.