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The Equipment

The Equipment

Meldrum houses cutting-edge technology that is normally reserved for faculty and graduate students at major research universities.

Some of the technologies that Meldrum accommodates include mass spectrometers, real-time PCRs, genetic analysis systems, high performance liquid chromatography systems, and atomic absorption spectrometers - just to name a few.


Green Chemistry Practices

Green chemistry principles1 have been developed for industry, research institutions, and academia since the early 1990's.

A number of these principles have guided the development of greener laboratory practices in the chemistry curriculum at Westminster including waste reduction, less hazardous chemical synthesis, safer solvent and innocuous degradation products.

Implementation of these green chemistry practices have resulted in substantial cost savings in the construction process including fewer fume hoods in the chemistry laboratories and in the disposal of hazardous waste.

1. Anastas, P.T.; Warner, J.C.; Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press: New York, 1998, p.30.

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