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Eccles Atrium

Interdisciplinary Learning

The main entrance of Meldrum leads into a 4-story atrium, creating an open, airy environment conductive to collaborative, interdisciplinary learning. 

As science becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, so must undergraduate science education. The more interdisciplinary the undergraduate experience, the more closely a student’s education resembles the current practice of science.

The Meldrum Science Center is designed to promote interactions among students and faculty across disciplines. On a single floor you will find our introductory biology, chemistry, and geology integrated lab/classrooms, purposefully clustered to establish an early connection to the interdisciplinary nature of today’s science. Open and flexible research spaces will promote the multi-disciplinary and multi-investigator approach that leads to the development of new and stimulating research ideas. Exposing students to a more interdisciplinary environment will help them to better collaborate with their scientific peers in all disciplines, as well as approach problems in a more integrated/interdisciplinary fashion.