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Social Sciences

Westminster's Social Science Program

Why Study Social Science at Westminster?

Westminster's Social Science curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong interdisciplinary background supplying the conceptual tools needed to analyze, evaluate, criticize, and comprehend behavioral, social, and cultural patterns. For example, you will likely choose to do course work in anthropology, justice studies, political science, psychology, and sociology.

A variety of career opportunities are available to social science majors and minors. Graduate programs in all of the social sciences and many other disciplines will look favorably on your understanding of human behavior from multiple perspectives. A degree also helps prepare you for such options as law school, medical school, or social work. You might decide to work in secondary education teaching social studies, or in various other organizations that are concerned with policy making centered around helping people.

The Westminster Difference:

  • We take a strong, interdisciplinary approach to learning to build a useful and complementary array of skills and perspectives.
  • Internships and seminars also enhance your academic experience with practical understanding and discussion of specialized topics.